Séralini’s study represents one of very few long-term safety studies on a commercialized genetically modified food crop. It offers rare and critically important insights into the potential risks of a technology that has impacted the global food supply. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this research, not just to an individual research team but to science in the public interest and to the public at large. 

Evidence has been presented to suggest that retraction of Séralini’s study was wrong, both ethically and scientifically. The decision to retract was based on erroneous assumptions and cannot be rationalized on any discernible scientific grounds. Demonstrably employing double standards to reject a paper with challenging or unwelcome findings is disingenuous and short-sighted. Suppressing research into the risks of a technology so critically entwined with global food safety and security does a disservice not just to the scientific community but also to future generations. 

The authors of this article call upon Dr Hayes to formally reinstate the Séralini study within the pages of FCT, and to provide a full public apology to Professor Séralini and his team.